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Re: forthcoming D3X pro review

yunfat wrote:

dchphoto wrote:

Instant back-up is a gigantic sales tool when booking brides.

Really, brides are so nerdy now they demand Dual CF slots? I'm
sorry, but I can't take anything you say seriously because of this
statement. What did you do before the D3 came out, tell brides they
are probably going to lose their wedding shots because you only use a
camera with one CF slot?

You must not do a lot of high end weddings. The bride who is going to pluck down 7k for a wedding photographer expects a much higher level of quality and service than the one on a budget. Educating your clients is something all good businesses do. If I use a D3/D3x for my weddings and everyone else uses s5's, I'm going to use that to my competitive advantage. Since data loss is real and a risk, instant back-up is a giant selling point that bride's can understand and appreciate.

If you are booking a bride and one of your sales tools is "instant"
back-up, I hasten to say your photos are probably less than stellar.

Oh really? Well my site is at . Feel free to have a look. And what would your site be?

My photos make bookings, not instant back-up, which I doubt more than
1% of prospective brides even know about. Make that .1% actually.

I spend most of my time with prospective brides helping them plan a great wedding day experience and showing how using me will add to that. Dual card slots takes up perhaps 30 seconds of an hour long discussion. If you cannot afford the best equipment, do not slander those who can. I have done 200 or so weddings with an S5. Now I use a D3x. There are advantages over the S5 that will give peace of mind to a prospective bride. Sorry if that offends you.

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