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Re: bundled vs. "free"

Eamon Hickey wrote:

Surely, as a businessman, you must see the point that Nikon is making
to you when they explain why NX2 is not bundled with cameras. Nothing
that Nikon does or provides can be free, not even the styrofoam
inside the box your camera came in. You paid for that. And NX2 is not
cheap to develop. The engineers who write it like to get a paycheck.
Nikon must cover the cost somehow. The only question is how.

Sure Nikon must cover their costs. However, what ARE their costs? A quick breakdown analysis of a D3x shows that its costs are pretty close (nearly identical) to a D3, which sells for quite a bit less. Thus, the D3x price is artificially floated at its current level.

As I wrote many times at the D3x introduction, I think Nikon botched this intro, as they did nothing to explain to a photographer why a change of sensor was worth US$3600. Essentially, Nikon decided that they could match Canon's high-end price now because they had a superior product. This left them a pricing discrepancy with an existing product (D3) and a lot of explaining to do, which they didn't.

As I pointed out, they could have ameliorated the situation considerably by taking a more Lexus type approach and bundling high perceived value things that cost little. Software is one of those things, especially since Capture NX3 is due sooner rather than later. Give 'em the free NX2 and capture the revenue with the upgrade, just as they did with the D300/D3 promotion.

So I don't think the OP was off base. Nikon didn't nail the launch of the D3x as they did with the D3/D300.

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