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bikinchris wrote:

dchphoto wrote:

This forum has been a great help to me over the years. As a "thank
you" to Dpreview, I am going to post my review of the D3x I have had
for two weeks from the perspective of a portrait/wedding

Just be ready to have a thick skin when you do.

Haha! Yes. I know I will get replies from those who will not be happy I did not conduct the tests ten different times using focus bracketing in live view or some such. I am not a measurebater. But I am a real working pro who uses great technique- tripod-mirror up- cable release, sturdy tripod and head, base iso, etc. My site is there for anyone to view what I do so they can gage how good or bad they think my work is. I do not focus bracket on my clients so I don't do it in my tests either. They will be real world tests however and should be helpful. Even Thom Hogan gets slammed for his review so I am in good company. Perhaps I should say this,

My review will be geared only to portrait/wedding photographers who are wondering about the D3x and how it compares to the D3/D700 and if the upgrade will be worth it for them. Landscape guys will be disappointed with my review. Measurebaters will be disappointed with my review. I don't address all the questions that could be asked about the D3x. Here are the questions I address.

1. How much better is the D3x over the D700 for portraits at all ISO's at 100%?

2. How close is the noise performance at all ISO's when the D3x files are rezed down to D3 size?

3. Can the D3x be set up to shoot effectively in "D3 mode" for weddings so that file sizes are comparable in NEF and jpg with the D700 and what is the quality difference at all ISO's?

4. How do jpg large/normal compare with jpg medium/fine in sharpness and noise at all ISO's?

5. Which of my lenses are D3x caliber lenses (meet or out resolve the sensor) and at what aperture is diffraction noticeable in files at 100%? (24-70, 50 1.8d, 105vr, zeiss 100zf, Tamron 28-70 2.8, Sigma 15mm fisheye, Sigma 150 2.8)

6. How good is the D3x in-camera jpg processing compared to NX2 and camera settings compared to the same for the D700?

There might be a few more but these were the questions of importance to me. I'm confident I have a good copy of the camera. Noise is low, an occasional red pixel here and there but no regular "hot" pixels that are there in every shot. The review should be valuable to portrait and wedding photographers. It wont please everyone and is not the final word on the camera. It is simply one more review in which to play against other reviews. The more info you have, the better your decision making process.

When I pointed out that it was like spending $2000 per night at an
exotic resort and them charging you $20 for the fruit tray the next
morning, I did not get a reply either.

That doesn't work for me as an analogy. At the most expensive hotels
and resorts, you have to pay $10 for a bottle of watre that cost them

I was thinking of those "all inclusive" type resorts my clients go to for honeymoons. At most decent hotels I stay at, they don't charge for the in room coffee or the newspaper and include a basic breakfast. This was the intent of my analogy. Buy a $7500 camera and you will need to buy a $150 program from the same company to process the files it makes, seems petty.

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