Huge UK Price Increase

Started Jan 26, 2009 | Discussions thread
Mark Gillett Senior Member • Posts: 2,563
Its the Yen NT

Grundit wrote:

I went to buy a 24-70mm lense to go with my 17-40mm and 70-200 2.8.

There are none in stock in the UK. Anywhere showing it are now on
back order for about £1000. I then went onto warehouse express web
site as they normally have good stock. They had nothing. Also you
will notice if you go on that price have seriously shot through the
roof. The 1dMKIII is now over £3000 again. Anywere showing lower than
this, tend to not have stock and will be ajusting their price come
the 1st of Feb.

Where can I get a 24-70mm before Friday?

I am going to have to do a wedding with a 17-40mm and 70-200, oh yeah
and a 50mm 1.8

Another example is, I got my 70-200 with a 5DMKII deal for about
£700. The rrp has now gone up to over £1500!!

What is going on with the UK prices? People are earing less, bills
are higher, yet camera equipment has gone through the roof. I have
been advised that if you want any stock, buy before the 1st Feb as
prices will be plain sillly.

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