My Initial Take on F200EXR

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F200EXR's Dual IS Mode - Re: My Initial Take on F200EXR

Hi Erwin, thanks for the response.

ErwinWong wrote:

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i think you are misled about the image stabilizer function.

I noticed that I said:

if it is still like the way they had it on F50 and F100

I should have said "if it is still like the way they had it on F50 and F100's Auto Mode"

You are right.

But I have read F200EXR's manual too. And I am still not sure, since I don't have the F200.

As the
manual says, when you are in Auto mode and turn on the Dual IS
function, the camera will enable the ccd shift and the high iso
adjustment at the same time to minimize not only hand shake but also
motion blur.

Yes, that seems to be what the F200EXR manual says about the Dual IS Mode. I think they said a little bit more: "In Auto Mode, this also reduces blur caused by subject movement" (high iso high shutter speed)

From that we can conclude that when you are for example, in P mode
and you turn on the Dual IS function, only the CCD shift mechanism
will take effect

I was thinking like you do and was looking for a statement like that in the F200EXR manual. But I couldn't find anything. They didn't say that explicitly in the F200EXR manual.

In both F50 and F100's manuals, it explicitly says: "Only camera shake will be reduced (Only CCD Shift will be on) when any other shooting mode is selected" I couldn't find this statement in the F200EXR manual concerning the use of the Dual IS Mode. Is this simply a careless omission? Or they think it is clear enough even with the omission. Perhaps it is ...

Now about the P mode - this is going to be confusing: For the first time in these Fuji F series digicams, they give this Program mode the correct name. Before the F200, the P mode in the F digicams was called the M mode, which was really the P mode and not at all a M mode. Now, with the F200, they have a new M mode that actually allows you to adjust both the Aperture (only two values at each focal length) and Shutter Speed. (I don't want to get into the A mode or the disappeared S mode to avoid additional confusion.)

because in P mode you can set the ISO level.

I think you can choose the Auto ISOs like Auto (400), Auto (800), Auto (1600) ... in Auto Mode too. No?

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