D7i CHEAP and AWESOME external flash solution

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Re: D7i CHEAP and AWESOME external flash solution

Yes I believe this is true. Any recent flash manufactured will not hurt the D7i (or my old Nikon 990, and i sure have tried a lot of flashes). Some people believe in using a safesync adaptor to limit trigger voltage, but so far I have not had the need. I just don't attach any super old flashes to my cameras.


Visor Blue wrote:


Got a link to a Minolta site that states that? Trigger voltage
levels is an interesting topic as it hasn't changed in 20+ years.
Nikon is now stating that the trigger voltage must be below 250
volts which is a very reasonable number compared to the 6v I've
seen in some forums.

The advantage of the FS-1100/PC is that you get both PC and hotshoe
out of the deal. The PCT-100 gives you PC and PC only. If you're
concerned with trigger voltage you can add a Wein Safe Sync to the
hotshoe or to your studio pack.

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