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Re: I think it's worth a try.

JimH wrote:

You can try it out by shooting in RAW + JPG mode so that you've still
got the JPGs right out of the camera.

But in addition, you'll have the corresponding RAW files so that you
can play with them and see what you think.

Other than sucking up more space on the CF cards and then on your
computer hard drives, there's not any real downside to saving the RAW
data for your shots.

I really like the flexibility of having the RAW data to work from.
Once you play with it for a while, you'll probably like how easy it
makes it to get exactly what you want from each shot.

I agree with the concept of "moving on" to shoot raw .. I've been shooting jpg for a very (too?) long time .. now I'm converted (haha or should I say "demosaic'd"?)

.. and the funny thing is .. that 'thinking "jpg" and shooting "raw"' makes my raw files hardly need any PP worth the name which actually makes PP time needed to process raw hardly longer than with jpg ... and of course the benefits/advantages of having it "raw" remain all the way ..

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