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Started Jul 23, 2002 | Discussions thread
Tom O'Neil Senior Member • Posts: 2,230
Re: Enforcing Old Patents...

Dennis wrote:

Forgent should rather announce that the world would be kept
royalty-free on using JPEG to the benefit of the global
communication; internet, pictures, etc. . They sure would gain a
lot of goodwill and respect, but I also know that such a move would
not benefit any of their stockholders.

Right, there is no benefit to Forgent to do such a thing. The goodwill and respect might benefit IBM where this would be a small part of their business, but this is a tiny company with perhaps just one chance to be something else. If this tactic pays off, everyone involved becomes extremely rich. If they take the high road and put the patent into the public domain, everyone involved will have to work their butts off for just another tech company with an uncertain future. It may be somewhat distasteful, but if I were in their position I would do exactly the same thing.

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