What I really want from Nikon is better internals in a D40/60 body

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What I really want from Nikon is better internals in a D40/60 body

As a current D40 owner and the owner of a number of lenses, I have gotten hooked on Nikon and really want to see them develop new products that meet my particular needs. I suspect that many of the wants and needs that I have are shared among the D40/40x/60 community.

I've played a lot with the full range of DX Nikons and love a lot of features of the cameras, however as a non-professional user there is not a single camera that really meets the kind of needs/wants that I have.

The size issue is a big one for me, as I suspect it is for anyone that chooses a D40. I could afford to purchase any of the APS-C bodies, however the D40/60 size is generally the one that I keep coming back to (yes it is unbalanced for some of the longer lenses particularly a Bigma). In my view Nikon (and just about all the manufacturers) is taking the wrong strategy in designing its cameras. The focus should be about features available within a body size for a price, not making whole ranges of features totally dependent upon the body size.

I love the D40/60 body size. However there are serious limitations in both AF and exposure associated with the D40/60 body that keeps me from being very satisfied with it for an extremely long term relationship. I want very badly the AF and exposure functions that are part of the larger bodies. The CAM1000 setup on the D90 is far better than the CAM530 on the smaller bodies, but I am more than willing to pay extra for the CAM3500DX. If I must choose between the larger body and better quality AF, I have made the choice as body size is extremely important. Were a D90 to have the CAM3500DX, I might be tempted, but the D90 is just a bit too big. The D60 is no step up from the D40, it just uses a noisier sensor and a much worse sync speed!

Here is what I want in a D40/60 sized body and I am willing to pay $1K or more for it.
1. Much better autofocus (CAM3500DX, CAM2000 or minimum CAM1000)
2. Maintain the D40 sync speed of 1/500 or BETTER
3. Better metering than the D40
4. Pentaprism
5. Exposure bracketing
6. Ability to shoot at least 2.5FPS with high quality JPGs + RAW
7. Better white balance!

Here are what would be nice:
1. Sealed body
2. CA reduction
3. Alloy body
4. AF fine tuning adjustment per D300
5. True mirror lockup
6. Higher density rear LCD (not bigger)
7. 14-bit A-D
8. Easy custom white balance

Here is what I DON'T WANT:
1. Live anything (no movie)
2. No need for AF motor in the smaller body
3. No push on the pixel race (do not sacrifice low light performance ever)
4. Kit lenses - do not make kit lenses a requirement to purchase the body
5. Yet another battery type

The D90 is a nice camera. The D300 is even better (although is it $500 better, NIMHO). BUT, neither of these cameras are all that compelling to those interested a combination of quality and size. The size is a compelling factor for many users. We want more features, but do not want the larger body.

Please Nikon, endow the smaller D40/60 body with some higher end photographic technology and a very high quality sensor without too many pixels!

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