Newbie Hitting Maui for Honeymoon....Check my List!!

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Re: Newbie Hitting Maui for Honeymoon....Check my List!!

cisobe wrote:

I live in Hawaii, on the Island of Oahu... You're really going to
enjoy Maui... If the weather is good, I would highly suggest
checking out Haleakala for Sun Rise... The Road to Hana will be
great too (hope you don't get car sick).

we plan on it! no worries about car sickness; the fiancee can actually read a book from the passenger seat at race pace!

Too bad you're going to
miss humpback whale season...

i know! it'd be nice; we'll catch the green turtles, though!

As far as gear goes, it looks like you're pretty much set. I would
suggest a P&S camera for a back-up and something to hand over to
others to take pics of you and your wife. I think that was one of
the best things I did for my honeymoon, next to getting a hyperdrive
so i didn't have to worry about running out of storage space...

good advice; we'll bring the P&S to pocket when we don't feel like dragging SLR gear around. as for storage space? i bought two more 8GB cards just in case; i now have 26GB. i'm thinking that will be plenty even for me; i have a tendency to take high numbers of shots in rapid succession w/ various settings.

A word of caution... witht he soft top jeep... watch your
belongings... sadly there are some a$$es who like to break into
cars... have fun on your honeymoon!

that was a concern. a fried of mine had a jeep with a metal lock box under the back seat; i'm guessing the rental won't have this. i'm used to driving a convertible anyway & have a habit of taking my stuff with me. we'll be on the lookout for any shennanigans.


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