My try with new 10-20

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harri manni Senior Member • Posts: 1,728
Re: Thanks to all for your help!

MacDeb wrote:

It sure is a fun lens to play with. For some reason I didn't
understand when everyone was saying TILT Silly me had it in my
head to get low. I took a picture of a cool building with the shot
straight on and then tilted up and tilted down.

Does anyone have any samples of photos kind of distorted, that look
good that way. My straight on shot looks good but I would not want it

If I do need to fix the photo's distortion is that doable in photoshop?
Here are my buildings that I'm talking about.

You should have 'distort' under 'filters' meny, there you can pick 'Lens correction' and then slide the 'transform vertical perspective' slider and end up with something lite this:

You will need to crop the image after correction so you loose some areas of the image, goot thing to remember when shooting buildings.

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