*** EF 50mm f / 1.2L USM *** for 5DmkII, your Idea ??

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Low Light…Shallow DoF…Get the 50 1.2L

The 50 1.2L has been my favorite walk around/street prime lens on my 1DsIII, and my favorite portrait lens on my crop camera since I got it in December of 2006. It has extraordinary auto focusing ability in low light. I find it very usable at f1.2, and although I know the “focus shift” problem is there, I’ve never experienced it in real world photography.

The only other 50mm I’ve used on a Canon is the 50 1.4. From my experience the 50 1.2L has better bokeh, color/contrast at all apertures, and of course better build quality than the 50 1.4. The auto focus accuracy/consistency of the L is much better than the 1.4 wider than f2.8 (as good as my other L primes), and they are about the same smaller than f2.8. Both lenses are sharp. The L is noticeably sharper wider than f2, somewhere between f2 and f2.8 they become the same, and I can’t see a difference smaller than f2.8.

A couple of non-studio portraits at f1.8 on a crop camera:

A couple of car badges at f1.2 on my 1DsIII. The first from three feet away, and the second from two feet away:

Good luck with whichever lens you choose.
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