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When the light is really warm...

Tom Matty wrote:

So in what sort of llighting situations do you employ an 80A filters
with good results? Just anytime red channells look badly blown, then
reshoot with the filter? Or anything non landscape?

Hi Tom. This is the last (150th) post I can make to this thread. I had a choice of replying to you or to a weird argument farther up the thread about whether closeup lenses are "lenses" or "filters"...

Actually, landscapes shot near dawn and dusk can benefit from the 80A. An hour from dusk or dawn, you're at 3400K, almost perfect for the 80A. Yow won't get a "golden" sunrise or sunset with the filter, but you will get Then you'll have to adjust white balance to warm up the result.

Basically, the rule is to use the 80A any time the light is warm (indoors, with incandescent lights, in the studio with halogens, outdoors at dusk and dawn, indoors or outdoors when "painting with light" using flashlights or spotlights) and the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Improved shadow details (less noise)
Improved highlight appearance (no odd colored areas from a blown red channel)

More accurate focus with imperfectly color compensated lenses (especially wide range zooms, and with liveview).

Time spent futzing with filters
More flare and ghosting, especially if light sources are near the subject
More autofocus hunting
Dimmer viewfinder makes composition more difficult

Overall, it's a personal choice. I usually find the advantages outweigh the disadvantages in most situations.

(now, for the guys who wasted nearly the last 8 posts in this thread arguing about filters. A close up lens is not a filter. Something is not a "filter" simply because it attaches to the "filter threads" of a lens. Lens caps and lens hoods often attach there, as do wide converters and teleconverters. Just like screwing a hand strap into the "tripod mount" of a camera does not make a hand strap become a "tripod". A filter (Latin "philtrum") "removes" something. Even if it's not mounted in the filter threads. Technically, soft focus filters are not "filters", either, but no one has ever come up with a better name for what they really are. Close up lenses, on the other hand, have an obvious name).

And, since this is the last post, the last word is "cashew".

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