Any S5 CF compatability problems?

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Re: More timings ... again ...

To speak frankly, price does not really enter in the decision for my perspective, as long as I do not "double" the price (so ok, extreme IV is maybe a bit too much at 220$)

When I bought my S5 one year ago, the Sandisk Extreme III 16GB was 110$ and the Lexar 16GB 80x 80$, and for sure as I thought that I would use these cards in both s5 and d300, the sandisk would really propose more in the d300.

However in the S5, for 30 more boxes (25% more) I ve got 2 more frames at 400% (25% also) so I think it was not such a bad deal, and I didn t expect it on such a low equipment than S5.

Then I am not a fps addict (only few times for sport events at d300) but sticking to 8 shots in AW 400% is sometimes a pain and growing to 10 is VERY nice for I.

(And again no trick: not a black picture, everything is standard by default... 400% at 200iso)

And just for info, about the number of frames before fps slow down, sometimes everything is not fully logic (only data rate based I mean), see with Nikon D90 and extreme III compared to Lexar 133x, all number are very close but there is a big difference on last table... Friends of mine bought a d90 and tested it: extreme iii is really efficient on this SLR too ! (but here it seems that nikon made a deal with sandisk to extend sdhc data rate in this equipment)


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