Sigma 50/1.4 with S5 pro?

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Re: Sigma 50/1.4 with S5 pro?

LeeK0 wrote:

I am thinking my S5 must have the back focus issue but I never
noticed because on the 16-85 I never had a narrow depth of field.
You went through 4 bodies until you found a good one. I cant do
that. Is there anything I can do? I upgraded to 1.11 before getting
the 50 1.4 so I dont know if that helped or hurt. Does Fuji
recognize the problem and can they fix it? I have had the camera for
more than a year. Any idea of US service cost?

Ah, the dreaded S5 back focus problem! I believe my fourth S5 was 'cured' by upgrading the firmware to V 1:11, but some on this forum disputed whether this was the case - there was a lively debate on the subject.

It might be worth sending you camera back to Fuji, but bear in mind that B/F can be a lens issue as much as a camera one. Also, Fuji (at least here in the UK) seem to be in a state of denial regarding B/F issues - apparently they're 'unaware' of any problems!

I had three S5s, and they all back-focused with impressive consistency. As I do a lot of portrait work, this was completely unacceptable, and I eventually sold each camera. Then, I read on this forum that firmware V 1:11 had cured the problem. So, I took a chance and bought a fourth S5.

Initial tests seemed to show that it B/F'd just like my previous three had done. But, after updating the firmware, it's been fine. Indeed, it's now one of my most reliable cameras regarding accurate autofocus.

If I remember correctly, the heading of my S5 focusing thread was - My New Fuji S5 Now Focuses Perfectly. There was a lot of debate about focus issues on the S5 last summer - you should be able to find the various threads with a bit of searching. Best of luck!

J M Hughes

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