How many of you 7i owners keep the sound?????

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Re: How many of you 7i owners keep the sound?????

Anthony Harriott wrote:

hi dave i would really like to know how you got along taking a
wedding with it ; what flash did you decide to use ; on the
sensitive areas were you had to take like the ring putting on; did
you decide against using the flash. were you the main photo.
Silicon Valley Jim wrote:

The wedding is this coming Saturday. I'm told that I may not use a flash during the ceremony. So I'm hoping for a bright church. As for the rest of the photo work, I may use the 3600 for some shots and the 5000 for others. If I have anything interesting to report, I'll post it on the forum. Probablly start a new thread. This one is getting sort of long and wedding photography is not the subject of the thread anyway.


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