Thinking of buying K200, K100, or Nikon D40

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Re: Thinking of buying K200, K100, or Nikon D40

Marc Sabatella wrote:

Adam-T wrote:

I can understand that but its actually a bit less necessary with the
D40 (and D50 though not the 200/300 etc) as the mirror mechs are so
soft and quiet

A bit, maybe, but I'm quite sure the Pentax cameras still come out
way ahead.

I've MFd on the K10 and its a lot easier than the Grainy Pentax

I expected to find the same, but didn't. I had the DS (same VF as
K10D) and was quite apprehensive about getting the K200D for this
reason. But I have found the difference in going to the K200D
surprisingly small - and I did quite a bit of back and forth testing.
I suppose it helps that most of my lenses are reasonably fast, thus
brightening the view compared to, say, the kit lens (which I rarely
try to MF). I also use the O-ME53 sometimes, but I'm not convinced
it makes a huge difference to me, either.

I have a Katzeye with split center/microprism collar and O-ME53 eyepiece on my K200D. Makes a huge difference, like using a different camera.
Tom in Delaware

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