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Re: Low Key + 0.7EV

Two bits of advice I heartily agree with:

1. E-520 does not produce images as sharp as it's predecessor at the same sharpness setting -- this is widely known on all the forums and is acknowledged by most who own one. The answer is to apply unsharp mask in Photoshop (but don't overdo it).
Also, make sharpening your last edit after re-sizing, levels adjustment, etc.

And don't save the original with sharpening applied to it! If too much is applied (and saved) it's almost impossible to correct. If you want to save a sharpened image, save it as a new file with a different name (perhaps in a folder named "Sharpened Images". Keep the original intact.

2. If you can manage the extra computer work involved, do try shooting on the 'RAW' setting. You'll need to use the Olympus Master software to work on them but there are other, faster and better alternatives. RAW images can be 'rescued' if they are under/over exposed or if the automatic white-balance (WB) didn't get it quite right when you don't use flash(usually happens under tungsten lighting -- too yellow).
If you shoot in jpg format some of these errors cannot easily be corrected.

Don't let Olympus Studio put you off shooting RAW. It is slow when you make adjustments -- there are free & faster alternatives such as "Raw Therapee" here:

Many Olympus raw shooters persevere with Olympus software, despite it's slowness, because it gives the best colours faithful to the original scene.

Finally, don't be afraid to experiment with the various settings yourself -- once you've bought a CF card the images are free! Write down the settings (the exif data does not record all the settings you may want to know about), examine the images, see what you think. set your camera accordingly. Good shooting!
Enjoy your 520 -- I just got one as well!

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