My first portrait commission - advice needed

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Re: My first portrait commission - advice needed

dieselnyc wrote:

Nice shots.

You can get an inexpensive umbrella and stand to mount the flash
externally. Check out

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It seems between this and the other comments, you have gotten all the advice I would give.

To recap:

Use a diffuser umbrella and either bounce or shoot through as the main light (using the 58 wirelessly), with your pop up flash being the fill. This is a very basic two light system, but it does a good job.

Shoot at the long end of the lens you were using. I prefer shooting between 70-100 or so, myself.

Back them away from the wall a bit, so there is no flash on the wall, and the wall is out of focus and just the splash of color, with no detail. This is one of the reasons why a longer focal length is helpful (Reason #1- It compresses facial features. Reason #2- It limits the background, so it is not cluttered

Reason #3- It makes for a shallower depth of field, so only the kids are in focus)

Process the RAW and tweak it from the beginning... you'll be amazed at how big a difference even slight tweaks can make

All in all, very good shots and all of these are suggestions to help improve the technique; you already have something going, so it will hopefully just add to what you have now.

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