What lens should I buy to complement my 28-135

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Re: Really?

MAC wrote:
1-series compatibility... guess that matters if you own one or

plan to. Most folks probably don't fall into that category... and
for them, it's a complete "don't care."

well if these folks wake up and buy a used 5d (new or used) with
24-105 F4L IS - they have shallower DOF, better low noise, better
detail, and more range, for approx the same $. Would I buy this
combo before a 50d 17-55 combo...absolutely

That makes one of us. The 5D was a great camera in its time... and it still produces excellent images, but the feature set is way outdated. For some very specific usages, it might still be a bargain, but it has zero appeal to me. I would take a 50D with the 17-55is any day of the week, even if the 5D were less expensive.

Now that the price range of the 5d has come down, the raves on the
50d 17-55 make folks look again...

Which folks? Again, your comments about the lens are simply based on what a few others have said. I own the lens and have plenty enough experience with it to trust my own judgment. Other opinions are always useful, but sitting here taking a strong stand on this lens while you haven't owned it or used it pretty well discounts your comments as simply parroting a few others whose opinions happen to be the same as yours. I'd much rather believe the vast majority of people (myself included) who have actually used the thing. And... if I really wanted to move to a FF camera, it would be the 5DmkII I'd be looking at.

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