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Common Courtesy too much for some DPR posters!

In many forums, an atmosphere of camaraderie is cultivated wihin the group.

And with time spent and messages exchanged, members hopefully come to feel that they are among friends.

It is not at all unusual to say "Goodbye" when taking one's leave from such a group, and the polite response is usually something to the effect of "Good luck! ".

Then there is DPR.

The member says, "Goodby", and "Thanks!" as well, ...and offers, for those who might be interested, a few thoughts on his reasons for going.

And, inevitably someone(s) in the "friendly'" DPR crowd are delighted to find and exploit any opportunity to be insulting. "Good will" seems an incomprehensible concept to them.



Absolutely low-class!

Sad that small minds so often come with big mouths.

Best wishes to the new Nikon user, ...hope you find satisfaction with your choice.

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