Successor of D300 - D400

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Re: Successor of D300 - The Next Generation

You discuss about D400 like Nikon introducing it would make D300 stop taking pics :-)))

Nikon has to come out with D400. D300 is outdated in the sense that it has too few mpx and is without video. 15mpx and video, plus a few other "improvements" like gps, wlan etc will make Nikon shareholders and marketing department happy.

Whatever the price increases are, Nikon cannot help that D300 street price is quickly falling to the 1000e mark. In UK it already sold at about 1000 ukp. D400 will restore the price of Nikon semi-pro dx back to about 1500e.

Another thing is what we as photographers do. What is the best move for us. Definately not upgrading every product cycle. Maybe every other cycle?? Or not upgrading at all as long as the old camera keeps ticking.

I pondered for a while with this problem - and decided to move to D700. Staying in dx would have been problematic. upgrade to D300 would have been too margina, and D400 is still speculation.

I would have liked to keep my trustu D200 and dx lenses as back ups, D200 was the best digital camera I have had, but had to sell the to finance the new equipment

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