D3X vs 5D2 - myth and reality

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Re: D3X vs 5D2 - myth and reality-Just WTF are you TALKING about?

Taikonaut wrote:

It is true D3x has about 2 stop DR advantage over 5DMk2 at low ISO
but critically DR for both cameras at sub ISO 400 are already high
enough not impede on IQ.

Huh? DR IS A CRUCIAL PART OF IQ. The ability to shape and pull detail and tonal ramps from deeper shadows, to name just one benefit of increased DR.

The siginificant of DR advantage is most

noticeable at higher ISO. D3x actually start to fall slightly behind
round about ISO 600 and upward.

The D3X actually PULLS AHEAD of the 5D above ISO 600. Where in the heck are you getting your information? Oh, yeah... uninformed, wishful thinking masquerading as 'conjecture' and 'analysis'... again, the tedium of asinine posts is almost too much to overcome, seeing as it's a rising tide around here... fortunately, many on this forum who own and use the D3X and are either 5D owners or have used one and are ACTUALLY familiar with the 5D's strengths and limitations weigh in frequently... they've come surprise! to very different conclusions, maybe you can read and learn from these actual users of the cameras in question... =^D

"...5D retains IQ superiority in real world at anything below ISO 400..."

Ummm... you're gonna have to unpack that one there, Perfesser... I own BOTH of these cams, and quite the opposite is true. Do you own and use them both? Didn't think so. So, how do you come to this pearl of wisdom? Yeah, your opinion... thought so.

even though it lags D700 in DXO DR scores. This proves DR at low ISO
is high enough not to impact on IQ. DR gap on 5DMk2 and D3x is closer
than 5D vs D700.

Again, DR IS A CRUCIAL PART OF IQ. Try to ascertain a few facts before you go off into the brambles and get lost, all the while assuring the other posters that you know exactly where you are because you swallowed a GPS at breakfast. What you're saying not only makes absolutely no sense, your infinite confidence in your own bs is inspiring! Good luck with your 'studies' and 'conclusions'!

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