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Canon's direction is

too interesting to let go; no I will definitely will not be switching completely to Nikon.

The 5D2's capabilities are still underestimated IMO; the video possibilities are simply an eye opener; the High ISO performance with that pixel-pitch is very much outstanding, always IMHO.

What's even better is that it's not the first time that Canon has been courageous enough to market such a great tool (DSLR product) at such a relatively affordable price.

Better still, Nikon users (I use multiple systems) can easily use their existing Nikon (& othr) lenses via adapters with Canon DSLRs; so the benfits of the 5D2 can easily be exploited by those with Nikon lenses.

However I'm still interested in urging people who have switched, like the OP, to post more user reports & experiences; for a multitude of reasons; amongst which is that you can bet your last penny that Canon keeps a keen eye on these (& other)forums.

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