What is known about the G1 successor?

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Re: still a gimmick.

GregGory wrote:

Joesiv wrote:

The 5DmkII has been talked about a lot due to the
greater sensor size, DoF control, low light performance.

Yup, but considering the price and lack of AF and swivel LCD, it
leaves a lot to be desired seen from am amateurish DV enthusiast's
point of view.

Agreed, a flip swivel screen is pretty critical

Btw, I disagree that adding video would add no cost, QAing such a
large feature alone would be large, not to mention, the change in
shutter/sensor requied to do good video. Ever wonder why Digicams
don't have highlight streaks in stills but have it in video? Even
the FZ50 has a small leaf shutter, since mFT system doesn't support
in-lens leaf shutters, the solution has to be in the electonic
shutter/shutter to create pleasing video (Rolling shutter in 5DmkII
and D90 won't do).

I suppose you are referring to my comments and the reported jello
effect with the D90 (& 5Dii). I can live with the jello effect, it's
not pretty, but not a dealbreaker. The same goes for the streaks,
these are fairly controllable with a polarizer and carefull EV
compensation, still sometimes a pain the butt... IF Pany eliminates
these issues successfully (and the AF-c works well), they can
basically charge whatever they want for the G1HD. They could price it
at 3000 USD and it will be sold out for months, but they won't sell
one unit for DSC enthusiasts. They will keep the G1 non-HD version of
course for the DSC buyers. So, in a way I'm hoping Pany will fail
since I cannot and won't pay more than 1000 USD ish for the G1HD.

No it wasn't regarding any comments you made about the Jello Effect, it's just a known draw back with the current DSLR video modes, that's why I brought it up.

I think Panny would sell a lot more of these G1HD's if they were $1000 rather than $3000, but either way I hope they can pull it off. It would really blow the market open.

Imagine the G1HD being $1000, and then a pro video model that supports the len's format. That would be a specialty camera probably in the $20+k range, and pros would lick that up like butter. The pro market could foster the enthusiast market with both funds but also high quality lens'.
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