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Re: Sorry, but I am out...

Is this a genuine post?

Someone likes his 5D a lot, but he sells it for the 5D2, which at half the magnification has identical qualities, AF included, as that which he sold before he then paid double what he sold the 5D to get- the 5D2!

The 5D2 has better weathersealing, and about the same noise but reveals lens defects more- and camera shake and focus errors at 100%.

So reselling this new 5D2 again at a huge loss he then buys a completely different camera that cannot use Canon lenses at all. So he has to then replace his lenses- 2 should do it but at huge cost, just as Nikon introduce-at least in the UK- a massive price rise to keep up with inflation.

The result is that this man has a bit less resolution in a less well-tried design AND has lost 1900x1080 true HD video capabilities as well as the free software that includes Live view on your computer.

I am feeling faint and giddy with the stress of such suffering....... unbelieveable.

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