Anyone tried Mozy remote backup/storge with MAC yet?

Started Nov 11, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Re: Anyone tried Mozy remote backup/storge with MAC yet?

Francesco wrote:

Mozy -- works fine but in reality is just a pain when / if you try to
restore. They store all your files in this gigantic compressed and
encrypted file on their side and they don't allow any web access to
the individual files. Essentially you either restore the whole thing
or nothing.

This is not true. Mozy can restore individual files through a web interface or through a Mozy Restore application on your machine. I have done both.

I've been using MozyHome for Mac since it was in beta, and have nearly 200 GB backed up with them. It's very solid and reliable, and in my opinion a bargain. Keep in mind that you DO need a decent upload speed and the first upload can take a long time. My subsequent uploads are set to run at 4:00 AM and they usually are done well before I check my email in the morning at 6:30.

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