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Re: Why are people rude?

Markuson wrote:

Why be rude to fellow forum member...just because he's letting people
know about his equipment-related issues (which is THE purpose of this

Maybe it is because of the hyperbole used in shouting his announcement? Or do you think the OP statement: "This camera does not perform even in the closest manner to the original 5D, which I loved but sold." isn't a bit of an exaggeration?

Or maybe it is because the OP ends his first statement with three exclamation marks and adds a fourth later for good measure. He wasn't "just - letting people know about his equipment-related issues". Exactly how informative was his post about those issues?

As a Canon user who recognizes some problems with Canon of late...I
am interested in the perspective of not only those who like Canon for
particular reasons...and also the perspective of those who have
decided to move on.

Exactly how well did he educate you on those issues? Was it very informative? Was his post high in informational content? Come on, just admit the guy was grandstanding and stop trying to argue a completely ridiculous position.

It IS relevant, and is certainly appropriate for this forum.

It is certainly MORE interesting than 5,000 people saying, "My 5D2 is
coming on Friday!" -Whoop-ti-doo! A person's every purchase is OK,
but a HUGE decision to change brands is not??

OK, so this post is so incredibly informative, just above the "my camera shipped today" posts, so it must be worthwhile. Good argument.

Come on, folks.
Be fair...or at least be consistent.

Or at least make sense.


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