D3X vs 5D2 - myth and reality

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Re: Canon friends problem is

genotypewriter wrote:

Livio Spallone wrote:

They are discovering that 5dII is a very good prosumer camera that
values no more than Canon ask for and it is not the groundbreaking
champion they dreamed of.

Have you even used a 5D2? lol

Consumer body ,

The biggest give away of loser talk... it's an exceptionally good
full frame camera... the rest is up to the photographer. There are
people making money with 350D's.. you can't always blame the tools
because when you get it right and hang it on a wall it's your name
that goes at the bottom, not the camera's logo.

And are you saying that anyone who gets their hands on a D3/D700/D3x
ever becomes non-consuming professional creator of art? ROFL

autofocus ,

Again a load of BS... any real advantages are there when using 51
points to spraying and praying situations. If you can't do with 15
points it's not the camera's fault. And for once why don't you try to
compose the shot?


Yeah carrying a 15Kg backpack of lenses and bodies on your back up a
mountain is fine to get that "perfect shot" but carrying an extra
battery or two is a crime against mankind. lol

and the famous creaking door.

Does it scare you at night? Again... this is the poorest set of
excuses I've ever heard of.

None of the things that you mentioned... I mean NONE of the things
prevent you from getting great shots except it might make it slightly
easier to do certain things (e.g. spraying and praying) with a Nikon
than with a 5D2.

General quality control issues and frequent problem on sensor hot
pixel mapping.

This is what makes me laugh at Nikon fanboys... they think by having
a camera of a certain brand gives a new meaning to their lives. And
they forget all their own QC issues with their
super-pro-i-m-better-than-everyone grade cameras lol

It is still a camera I would buy if I had Canon lenses (should be
also the perfect underwater cam :good photo , good movies , sound not
a problem).

I'm surprised how lenses got mentioned here because for some people
SLR photography is about the build quality of the body.

My unscientific opinion is that Canon "stretched" too much the sensor
to compete with Nikon : declared iso far from real , pattern noise
also at low iso, hot pixel coming up in long exposures.

If it's not scientific then why bother?


LOL, the losers to me seem the canon fanboys....all eyes were on the 5dII and now every review is trashing their trumph...

Deep in your hard, you know the d3x IS the best dslr on the planet at the moment...build quality wise and image quality wise...

it doesn't mean that the 5dII isn't a good camera for the money, it just isn't the camera that can compete with the d3x.

Canon had the lead, nikon is taking it over again, like in the film days!

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