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They'd have a field day with Y.O.U. :)))


your piece below is a psychologist's manna when it comes to "Projection"
(Google it, you seem to be interested in psychology.....I am a graduate)

Priaptor wrote:

First of all, why do people think they need to advertise it?

Second, who cares?

Third, if one is going to advertise there decision, it is for one of
two reasons. Either trolling or because of the little pecker theory
that requires justification/ratification for ones actions, rather
than personally feeling comfortable with what he/she did.

This is clearly a person with a borderline mental condition, one who
feels compelled for no reason stated, to make announcements no one
cares about.

So where does this leaves us? I think the "Little Pecker Theory"
wins out here. We are the OP "mommy" telling him don't worry you are
sane and did a "good" thing.

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