Viewing Light?

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Re: Viewing Light?

I believe the indistry standard for general viewing is 5K, which is why many print profiles are set up as D50 profiles.

That said, use a 6.5K lamp because it better matches average daylight in the UK and because it's closer to my monitor colour.

I use D65 as a paper profile setting and compared to D50 profiles it's very hard to tell the difference.

Magazine / book prints in general are made with D50 profiles and in that respect are proofed with a 5K lamp.

A cheap and workabale option is to look at the daylight lamps made available for people who do sewing. You can often find them in hobby style shops, (Hobbycraft in the UK.)

Not sure about the feeling that oil paintings are best viewed under near tungsten colours. Most of the older masters were painted with natural light as a viewing aid, so I'd have thought to replicate the colours as intended natural light may be best.

Mind, the human brain is a clever thing and I'm always amazed at it's ability to interpret colours under different lights. That said, I have the hall light in my house with a daylight bulb because when you come in from the front door I found that the transition from daylight to orangy tungsten was not showing my images on the wall to their best because my eyes were still used to seeing daylight before I came in.


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