Sorry, but I am out...

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Re: Sorry, but I am out...

Be prepared to be a little more patient after the move. One month ago you had a 5D and had decided against the 5D2. Instead you were going to add to your lens collection. Three weeks ago you got a 5D and had some problems with your workflow and getting satisfied with the results you were getting. Two weeks ago you upgraded your firmware & DPP and had further problems. Six days ago you saw some nice pics on a D700 thread and wondered out loud, "maybe it is time to switch sides?". Two days ago you complained that your 5D2 pics didn't "pop". Two hours ago you posted this thread saying you'd bought a D700 and your profile shows that you sold the 5D2.

Patience is a virtue. Learning takes time. If you only give the D700 the same time you gave the 5D2 you could be disappointed yet again. If you have problems with the D700 I suggest this time you post some pics showing the problems you're facing.

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