My handmade Swiss Calendar.

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My handmade Swiss Calendar.

Hi all! It has become a kind of a custom to make my own calendars with photos of the places we’ve visited in the previous summer. We usually travel around Europe in the summers and every year we used to buy calendars from the places we visited, for a nice reminder all year round. But 3 years ago and being well into the digital era, I though “what the…, I’d better make one of my own!” Being completely ignorant about setting one I got advice from some friends and so my first calendar was born, printed in about 15 copies for me but also to give as a gift to family and close friends. Their positive response was great so last year the second calendar was born by request (as if I didn’t want to…) This one was printed in 50 copies and given beside the family and friends, to some good customers of mine.

So we come to this year’s one which was shot entirely in our holidays in Switzerland. Many of you might have already seen some of the photos, as I have posted a few before. The great difference to the previous ones is that now all the letters –except the place names-are in Greek, so if everything seems Greek to you, you’re right!

The set-up of the pages, though quite similar to the previous years’ ones, is made from scratch at Photoshop CS3 and everything written is located on a different layer, so I can make changes easily. This way I can easily produce an English version if needed.

I have printed 60 copies in total, some 30x30 cm (about 12”x12”) and some 20x20 cm (about 8”x8”).
Here are the links to my 2 previous years’ ones as posted on dpreview:

So here it is, the Swiss 2009 calendar, first the outer cover and then the 12 months. In the final photo you can see my daughters “posing” with a small and large copy of the calendar.

In the next post I’m going to post some of the “outtakes”, some photos that were IMO equally good, but had to go for a reason or another (mainly because the year doesn’t have 20-30 months…)
Thanks for looking, I’ll be glad to hear your comments.
Regards Alex

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