DXO Optics Pro and 5DMkII

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DXO Optics Pro and 5DMkII

Based on the postings in their forum, the stability of their software seems to have improved. They are up to version 5.3.X and you don't see much in the posts on their site about crashes, lockups, etc. anymore.

I do a lot of indoor work at church, shooting plays, kids basketball and volleyball, and now weddings.

There are examples on the DXO website regarding noise reduction, that to say the least, are impressive, if true. I have done some test shots of the MkII at 6400 and 12800, and while some of 6400 iso shots were good and useable, when exposed well, the 12800 is definetly on the edge, if not past it.

DXO claim 2 stops over other software. The comarisions to Competitor A and B are almost unbeliveable.

I have used Noise Ninja for years now, and while they don't have the profiles for the MkII out yet, I found some ones posted in another thread that seem to be functional. But they did not recover the 12800 shots near as well as I had hope.

DXO claims: "DxO Optics Pro delivers outstanding results in noise removal, detail rendition and color fidelity at any sensitivity, even up to 25 600! It removes digital grain as if it has never really existed, and practically provides a 2-stop gain at photo capture."

Do any of you MkII owners have Optics Pro and what results have your realized ?

I hate to change my workflow, but if it REALLY can reduce the noise to make 12600 look like 3200 shots, it would be worth buying and learning.

Any feedback, comparisons, etc would be appreciated !

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