Ken Rockwell is "Done With Digital"

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Re: 5 years ago.......

stevetog wrote:

Well it will be interesting to see how things go. Haviing my medium a
phone call away is no longer practical for me, nor home or pro
developing - nor shooting at 3200 ISO in film. Unless 3200 film is
stellar compared to how it was ?

I have an ATL1000 also, although I think it was 2 years ago or more I
last used it. The only bad film I had out of it was my fault. Very
nice machine. I have plumbed in a simple plastic header tank with
with an aquarium heater fitted in, connected to the ATL by washing
machine hoses to get around installing the complex water tempering

Well, as my posts said film is for nature, where 3200 is not needed. I use digital for my people and commercial work. I never had film around, so its no different for me to have to order it, and I only use one or two flavors.

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