Ken Rockwell is "Done With Digital"

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Re: 5 years ago.......

stevetog wrote:

35mm film was still plentyful on the high street and in most large UK
cities you could find a local shop selling MF film & maybe even 5x4 -
try that today LOL!!!!

I would probably have to travel at least 120+ miles to find a roll of
MF film in Scotland...and I would phone first.....

Film is still used for archiving by some imstitutions etc (READ THE
LATER POST TO FIND OUT WHY) and for instances like where
electromagnetic interference may be an issue aerial photography etc
etc. In 20 years time regular Film probably wont be entirely gone,
but certainly will not be common.

I dont know if Ken has ever got his hands wet in a darkroom, maybe
that,s why he has rose tinted glasses, personally I have spent many
long hours in them, making endless re-prints etc. Digital is much
more liberating.

As for pros going back to film.....the ones I know who have, could
barely switch on a PC before they converted to digital , and somehow
expected to learn the entire universe of windows & ps in a week or
two, flawed business planning & flawed logic.

Kudos to Fuji for keeping a torch for film, now where are my
polaroid, Agfa, Eetc etc films ?

My favorite films are just a phone call away, like they were 10 years ago before digital. There was a never a roll of medium format film withiin 120 miles of my home for sale. I still process my own chromes in a Jobo ALT1000, but I do scan and print digitally. I get much more excited when I pull a roll of processed slides from a reel than I do when I open a folder...

I love digital, I love film, there are times when one is better than the other.

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