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Forget smaller, make it bigger!

This may not be a common problem, but I have very large hands, and the sizes they are ramping out these cameras make it not all that comfortable to take a picture. (that and I look even more ridiculous than I normally do holding a dinky little camera).

What about focusing points like the Elan? That might make up for poor manual focusung.

odessa wrote:

MYSTIC wrote:

  • smaller and lighter design

  • faster and reliable AF

  • no cracks

  • faster lens !!!!!!

  • 5 times optical zoom

  • 6 Mp

  • no lens cap but an improved s40 like system

  • no flash shoe

Here is my G3 want list:

1- Compatibility with G1/G2 accessories.
2- External control with 'Palm" type device.
3- Lens Centered thread mount (or have one on the semi-hard
4- Put the remote in the lens cap.
5- USB 2.0 or Firewire interface
6- Movie mode limited only by available memory.
7- Quick-chamge lens mount (I would take this over the G1/G2
8- Affordable All-Weather/Underwater case.
9- Wireless CF adapter (it would be nice to use a laptop for
immediate storage/tranmittal of photos.)
10- A battery charger that will charge either household or vehicle

I'm sure I can think up more, but these are the things that I have
most wanted when using my camera.

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