Canon 40D Firware 1.1.1 update

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You need the reality check - you are wrong

It is a well known fact that ALL DIGIC III cameras (40D, 450D, 1D3, 1Ds3) display low resolution (1-2 megapixel) Thumbnails hence it looks soft when zoomed in

Anyone claiming that the 40D LCD sucks is misinformed. It is not as good as the high res screens but more than capable of displaying sharp images. The DIGIC III system doesn't let it though in Image Review, only in Live View

One may posit that canon chose this low res approach for speed of review.

If you can't see a difference in Live View maybe you need some better lenses

imbsysop wrote:

djeezes guys get some form of reality check here .. are you honestly
claiming that Canon would manufacture a 230K pixel LCD, put that in
their cameras and then make sure their hardware just shows 100k pxls
pictures extrapolated & smeared over 230k ? Now that would be a nice
argument to be used by the competition !

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