Ken Rockwell is "Done With Digital"

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Digital Keyboard versus 1958 Hammond B3

While I wholeheartedly embrace digital photography over film for what I do, the analogy of comparing tube amps to solid state or digital does not make the case.

I have a Roland VK7 and a Motion Sound KBM amp that is a very good imitation of a vintage Hammond B3 organ and a Leslie. I thoroughly enjoyed this modern setup, though I must be honest that the tupe pre in the amp helps.

However, about 20 months ago I bought a REAL 1958 Hammond B3 and a slightly later model Leslie 122. Let me tell you, the 1958 technology works freaking magic compared to anything digital.

The VK7 will make you smile. The '58 B3 will make you cry.

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'Truth is stranger than fiction, for we have fashioned fiction to suite ourselves.' G.K. Chesterton

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