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Re: This has already been settled...

mosswings wrote:

BrunoS wrote:

The Bristish have done a comprehesive study to determine which is
best: film or digital. You will find the surprising finds in the
video below. Of course, the cameras used where the best: Nikon D700
and F5.

And the film used was ASA400, not a resolution champion by any
measure, but typical of what snapshooters find in their local stores.
A comparison against a good slow pro film might satisfy the pixel
peepers more, but the billboard-size blowups were a touch of
entertainment genius and a wonderful bit of sarcasm. At regular
image sizes, you'd only see the color shifts.

I completely agree. I wasn't surprised once they said they were using 400 speed film, cmon. I'd like to see the same test at ISO 25 or 64... if it were possible.

Though I have to say it was nice to see that if I ever need to enlarge a print from my D700 to billboard size... it will still look good

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