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Re: Beautiful, Fred

Neal Hood wrote:

Keep in mind that Ken is experienced and skilled so, he doesn't need
to rattle the shutter like popcorn then pick the best shot. His one
shot will be the best one. Add to this light weight and easy
handling, better DR, and likely better tonal color.

I respect Ken, and I'm sure he can get the shot faster than I can... that said, counting how many shots it takes to get the shot is the wrong question, according to an even better photographer, Dewitt Jones ( ). In his mind, all the professional cares about is "did I get the shot?" What happened to get there (how many times the shutter rattled) is irrelevant.

I find that I need to explore a subject before I understand it enough to capture it, and that often means, especially at the beginning of the shoot, taking 10-20 shots that I know are destined for the bit bucket... Call it warming up.

The Rule of Thirds is meant to be broken, but only 1/3 of the time.

D80/D90 photos:

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