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Re: Tube amps

Having been in the HiFi retail industry some time ago and still being interested in my home system here is my two cents worth.

Tube amps (valve amplifiers) don't need any justification when you are making or creating music. If a valve amplifier gives you the sound you want and nothing else will, then go for it. YOU are the artist and YOU choose the sound you want. No one ever criticised a painter for using this or that shade of colour instead of another because it wasn't "accurate", no one ever criticised a composer for using this or that instrument instead of another because it wasn't "correct". In other words, what you CHOOSE is what is ACCURATE, there is no "reference point".

However (and this is where HiFi comes in) when you are trying to REproduce the sound of this or that guitar with this or that amplifier, the equipment needs to be accurate in order to REcreate the original sound the artist intended. In this respect the system as a whole (not necessarily each individual component) is required to remove as little as possible from the original sound and add as little as possible to it.

It is therefore quite possible to prefer valve amplifiers for the sound they make and to prefer solid state devices (preferrably MOSFETS in my opinion) for the accurate way they reproduce that sound.

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