What are the laws in the US? About shooting in public places....

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What are the laws in the US? About shooting in public places....

Saturday I was in a parking lot shooting with my new 180mm f/2.8 with my D300 & grip.

I got chewed out for being a professional, with a professional camera & handmade lens..... hummmmmmm And for intending to sell the shots on the Internet.

Now, I'm just a serious amateur. A little old woman who has a husband who loves her & indulges her hobbies. I have not ever sold a shot. I have a site on Zenfolio & yes - people can order shots I have there - but I've not ever sold one.

And yes - I have self published a book with my photos which I created for my father mostly as he's computer illiterate....

I was in a public parking lot. Yes, it is connected to a mini mall I guess we can call it. Yes, there are a few stores there.... I was photographing at f/2.8, 4, & 8 to test the lens. Subject.... the back of a seat on an old cart & the step on said cart.

I was told I needed location releases & permission....

What are the rules here?

I was accosted by a woman who it turns out doesn't even own the store this cart had placed right next to the parking lot & yes - - they're out 24 hours so no one would know what's going on after business hours....

Anyone with legal expertize on this issue around for me?

Lil - who was most shook by the experience....
I'm just as entitled to be wrong as you are.

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