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Re: The cold does have one upside ;-)

Hi Randy

I hope you have a great time on your trip! I haven't taken the the train, but the drive between Anchorage and Fairbanks takes you through broad pass and past a number of nice views. Be ready with the camera on the train!

about aurora, first check out the forecast:

and once you are here, the primary thing that will help you view the aurora is simply spending a lot of time looking for it (if it is clear that is :). You could drive up to Mt Aurora/Skiland and hang out all night and look for it:

or stay at some place like the Cloudberry Lane B&B

Where if you ask them, if people see the aurora, they will wake you up, and they have a nice observation tower with a large clear dome.

On most clear nights you will see some aurora, but it is unpredictable just when during the night they will be visible. Lots of nights I hear that the aurora was big while I was making dinner inside, or maybe between 4am and 5am, or whenever, and I missed it because I was inside (where we spend a lot of time during the winter!). There are some Aurora web cams, but I am not sure when they are available...

The darker the sky, and the more time you spend looking for it, the more likely you are to see it. Your eyes get much more sensitive to light after about 20 min. of "dark adaption" and after this you can see much dimmer aurora. If it is a big display, you will be able to see it very easily.

Don't forget the chance to do some dog mushing, snow machining, hiking, hot springs, and skiing. lots of fun!

Enjoy! and stay warm when you get here!


Randy Bynon wrote:

D! Thanks for all the info! I'm coming with the Air Force for two
weeks and I don't know how much flying I'll be doing or how much free
time I'll have. I'm hoping for a couple of days to come to Fairbanks
by train.. thought that would be a neat photo op... but otherwise,
I'll have to play it by ear! I look forward to the trip. I've made it
3 times in past years always this time of year and I have yet to see
the aurora but I'll keep my fingers crossed (and off the tripod)!


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