Ken Rockwell is "Done With Digital"

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thats because they haven't been looking at the right places

Bill MacBeth wrote:

Kuivaamo wrote:

.... And
every time I think about spending upwards of $1000 on a FF DSLR, I
look at the film gear I can get for far less, and those cameras run
circles around the 1Ds MkIII's of this world in terms of resolution
and DR.

You'd better tell that news flash to DxO Labs, Diwa Labs, and Clark
Vision. Apparently they haven't yet located those 'film legs' that
can run circles around digital. And yes, I'm talking about
resolution and DR.

Strange that old photo magazines already discovered them ages ago, citing end results of 80 lp/mm and more. And you can also find them in manufacturers' film MTF graphs as well as Kodak manuals for cine film and telecine machines.

A 50D sensor scaled to full frame would come pretty close in resolution, but neg film's DR is still unreachable by sensors. Kodak recommends a multipass scan for telecining because scanners don't manage to get the whole range in one pass.

Probably none of those "internet expert site" heroes ever tried scanning a neg with different gain/lamp settings or photographing slide film through a microscope to check resolution.

All they ever check is scanner DR/res plus their own inability to get the resolution on the film which requires meticulous technique and preparation. No wonder people have problems with soft 50D images, it samples at 100 lp/mm.

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