Ken Rockwell is "Done With Digital"

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Re: Ken Rockwell is

The reason I like Ken is because he lives to irritate forum posters and wannabe photographers who are new to the game in order to collect the latest "tech stuff." They align having the latest cameras with having cel phones, PDAs, and laptops. If you have ever spoken to him or actually had a personal email from him, he is actually a really nice guy who loves photography. You people miss the point. It's a blog, for his own pleasure, and it's not unusual for bloggers to have links to products they use. If I have any complaints about him, it's that his primary focus has slowly become irritating forum posters, rather than writing about photography with his crazed, but somehow refreshing, opinions. For example, all his talk about JPEG and using Basic mode on his D200 used to drive me nuts. I shot NEF and NEF only. I thought "This guy is smoking crack." I shot a Basic Large JPEG and had Imagekind print a 20X30" of it. By golly, if it didn't look unbelievable...

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