Ken Rockwell is "Done With Digital"

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Re: Ken Rockwell is

gdanmitchell wrote:

Kuivaamo wrote:

And a further analogy, since you think the Bösendorfer one was bad,
is analogue vs. digital synthesisers. As a musician, I'm sure you
know what I'm talking about here.

Well, turns out that electronic music is my speciality. As I type
this I'm just about to go teach my morning class in the subject.

I learned on analog synths and while I enjoy the fond memories of
plugging in patch cords and manually adjusting sliders and knobs, I
much prefer to work with digital instruments and software today.

Some people still prefer a Moog even though you can't even play a chord on it! And like in photography, some people who grew up with digital are now discovering the joys of the analogue side, although with synths this has been going on for a while.

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