Ken has lost the plot

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always some truth to what KR says

do not disagree with any of the posts above BUT...

there is always a kernel of truth in what Rockwell says......

  • film has a fantastic "look" mostly related to tonality (even when scanned). You can sort of mimic it in digital, but why not just do the real thing....

  • film cameras are really fun and satisfying to shoot, small and discreet. I take better candids of people with my old Nikon film F3 and an FE, especially the FE. Poeple like it and relax when you CAN"T show them the immediate result, most of which are bad anyway, and you will not use. But all they know is you have a bunch of lousey shots, a few good ones, but they remember the bad ones and therefore don't want to have pictures taken.....its not a good vibe.

  • film camears are cheap.....a very good "rig" can be put together for the price of one really bad lens new lens...every photographer should have one....there is no excuse

  • B&W film has more dymanic range than anything digital: period.....I have read the tests...I don't believe them because I know what I can do with film and a good scanner (an Epson v750 in my case): see below

  • B&W film negatives last a lifetime: see below

cheers Fred

35mm 1/60 f2.8 asa 400....background out window; a partially sunlit parking digital camera I know of can do this. Why do you think there are all the post about how lousey the meter is in the D80 for instance, or total bafflment with matrix metering....its not the meter "dudes"....its that digital sensors just have such limited dynamics that any metering error is unforgiven. I bet there was at least an 8 stop difference between shadows in my subjects sweater below and the out the window background here....

here is a recent scan from a 27 yearr old negative....Masi Mara, Kenya, Africa...PlusX Pan ..... shooting parameters long forgotten....I think I used a medium yellow filter

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