Ken Rockwell is "Done With Digital"

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gdanmitchell wrote:

As a musician by profession, I have to say that your example is bogus.

You're free to think so, and no analogy is perfect. But it's not bogus with respect to the aesthetic qualities of a real piano vs. an electric one, live or otherwise. Digital cannot duplicate film grain, for instance. And no DSLR can match the negative from a large format camera (there are LF digital backs, but they're pretty esoteric in their pricing). Also, an inkjet print will not be the same as a toned wet print on FB paper, no matter how much digital trickery you employ. So there ARE aesthetic reasons for working with chemistry.

Another analogy would be digital vs. analogue sound recording: digital is more convenient and faster, non-destructive edits are possible, and the quality will be very clean. But there are world renowned recording, mixing and mastering engineers who will still use analogue desks and tape in their work. That's because analogue has something lacking from digital, and it's actually some of the "flaws" of analogue audio that make it pleasing.

And a further analogy, since you think the Bösendorfer one was bad, is analogue vs. digital synthesisers. As a musician, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about here.

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