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Re: Ken has lost the plot (he's lost more than

Josh69 wrote:

Ken Rockwell is banging on about the superioty of film again.

Yeah...well he makes these sily rants in hopes that he will stirr the pot and get somone like you to write a post like this (and me to

Enough already! The only reason film is even under consideration for
him is because he figured out he could get cheap high resolution
scans off 35mm and medium format slides.

Well....6MP approached the detail from quality 35MM slides with wet scans long ago...10 and 12MP surpasses it.

So he is still working off a digital medium, he's just using film as
an intermediate step to get it. Prior to scanners, he would still be
messing around in a darkroom for hours to produce a single good print.

Maybe for fine landscapes, film is still more detailed than digital,
but how many people are shooting detailed landscapes from a tripod?
For the large majority of pics digital just saves a lot of work and
gives you better results.

It's ALL I shoot is landscapes....and while I wouldnt mind MF 12MP unit does 30" x 45" prints for my hes off his rocker.

Now...sheet film scans....yeah...they have the edge...but then they dont have the portability or speed of use either....

The SOUL of a photographer is in SEEING the beauty ....
The GOAL of a photographer is to use their craft to capture it.
You CANT have one without the other.

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